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What should I expect during my Initial Fertility Consultation?

For many, your initial fertility consultation with one of our physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants is really just a discussion.  The primary goal of the consult for us is to listen and understand your hopes and expectations so that we can collectively make a suitable plan of action.   Those coming to our office for an in-person consultation often take advantage of the opportunity and have a semen analysis, HSG, or other female and male testing done at their consultation. To do this, please contact our office at 844-315-2229 to schedule any of this testing during your consultation. 

You can expect your initial consult to last around 30-60 minutes. If you suspect or know that you are suffering from infertility it is best if both partners (if applicable) are able to make the in-person or phone consultation.  If you are preserving your fertility through egg or sperm freezing or undergoing a sterilization reversal surgery like vasectomy reversal or tubal ligation reversal, having both partners may be nice for emotional support, but would not be medically relevant.

As mentioned, the focus of the consultation is you and ultimately you are in control of every decision that is made. With the incredible online resources available these days, many clients come to us already knowing what treatment they want and that’s great.  Others however, are understandably lost in the complex world of infertility and need more guidance.  

Regardless of where you are in your understanding of your fertility issues, we will be there to answer any and all of your questions as well as educate you on all of your treatment options. 

After discussing your medical and fertility history as well as your hopes and expectations we may recommend a certain course of action, but we will never force anyone away from the treatment they desire. 

In life, there are no limitations, and we want you to feel that way. At CNY, we have always been focused on YOU.  We’ve never focused on our “success rates,” and never found the need to artificially inflate our numbers by denying those with a “low chance of success,” any treatment. Remember, odds and chances of success are statistics. Statistics are based on populations, YOU are an INDIVIDUAL.

Preparing for your Consultation

Many of our clients come to us with a plethora of knowledge already at their disposal, but in order for things to run smoothly and so that you don’t forget anything, here is a list of things we recommend you have prepared for your initial consultation:

  • A copy of your medical records from your OB/GYN, primary care physician (PCP), or any other fertility center.
  • Insurance cards for both partners (if applicable) if your consultation is in office.
  • Insurance authorizations (if applicable)
  • Questions: many couples and individuals alike find it helpful to write down their questions beforehand so that they don’t forget anything during their consultation.  Of course, we will always answer your questions at any time, but your consult is a great time to get as much as possible answered. You can check out our FAQ here
  • Read our Website or Magazine: our website and magazine are both filled with information about our fertility center including ways to improve your fertility naturally through food plans and lifestyle changes, fertility treatments, financial information, and a whole lot more. We encourage you to take a look around.

Good questions to ask (whether at your consult and/or to find on our website)

It’s true, life is confusing and full of so much information these days.  The same is true with the world of infertility, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to make everything as simple as possible for you and provide you with the information you need to have a successful outcome.  Some good questions to ask may be:

Some of these questions like those about insurance are best directed to our financial team or someone other than the doctor, NP, or PA you are speaking to during your consultation.  We have dedicated travel, donor, and financial teams that can all help answer your specific questions related to those treatments.  And as always, our in-house fertility expert, nurse manager, and fertility treatment coordinator with over 25 years of experience Justine Taylor is just a quick email away.


Next Steps

If you mention during your consultation that you are ready to get started, please give our nursing team up to one week to contact you with instructions on how to begin and make sure everything is in line for you to begin your treatment. If you do not hear anything from our team after a week, then please send us a message through your patient portal. If you are not yet ready to take the next steps, that is not a problem, just send us a message through your patient portal as soon as you are ready!

Have questions or ready to get started?

We love our website and it truly is a fantastic resource to learn about fertility, CNY and treatment options, but remember no matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help. So if you'd like, please keep on reading, but if you're stuck and need some help or ready to get started with a consultation, please don't hesitate, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.