Children’s Books On IVF & Other Fertility Treatments

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Children’s Books On IVF & Other Fertility Treatments

There are a number of wonderful books for children about growing families by IVF, Donor Eggs/Sperm/Embryos, and more.

All in One Books:

Mommy, Did I Grow in Your Tummy? Where Some Babies Come From

By Elaine R. Gordon

Explains infertility, IVF, and all the ways of becoming a family, including donor sperm, donor egg, and surrogacy. Heterosexual focus. (ages 4 and up)
Santa Monica: E.M. Greenburg Press, 1992.
Available through Amazon.comHow Babies and Families Are Made: There Is More Than One Way!

By Patricia Schaffer

Combines basic sex ed about anatomy, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth with an explanation of family-building that includes adoption, donor insemination, and IVF. Heterosexual focus. (ages 5-9)
Tabor Sarah Books, 1988.
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Before You Were Born

By Janice Grimes

This author offers this book with many variations including a baby born from IVF, donor insemination, frozen embryo, donor egg, donor sperm (IVF), gestational carrier, traditional surrogacy, donor embryo, same sex female parents, same sex male parents.
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Kids Books on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

Auston the Magical Egg

By Stephanie and Vince Macri

A story written very close to the author’s hearts that uses simple, light-hearted language and imagery appropriate for young children conceived through IVF, that sticks as close to the truth as possible, rather than falling back on storks or other conception myths.  The author’s hope to help families, just like theirs, to communicate about a tricky subject, and help children understand not only how common this journey has become, but more importantly, how special and loved they are.  Click here to watch the trailer!

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I’m Verry Ferris

By Tess Kossow

Families are made every day, in many ways!

Meet Ferris, a baby boy who has an amazing, real-life story about his entrance into the world. Told from a child’s point of view, I’m Very Ferris gently explains infertility through in vitro fertilization and celebrates the miracle of Ferris’ birth in a beautifully illustrated rhyming book. So join Ferris as he kicks off this refreshingly honest children’s series with an introduction to IVF and what his mama and dad experienced so that they, too, could have a baby of their very own!

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I’m a Little Frostie

By Tim Appleton

An easy to read book, which is full of color pictures. It is about a child conceived from a frozen embryo that was thawed, transferred and successfully resulted in a birth. It is suitable for children who were created from donated embryos.
Published by the IFC Resource Centre.
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Children’s Books on Donor Sperm Reproduction:

Let me explain: A story about donor insemination

By Jane T. Schnitter, Joanne Bowring

A little girl explains how she was conceived through artificial insemination and that although she has genes from her mother and a donor, her dad is her only father.
Published Date: December 1995 Hardcover
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My Story

Excellent for young children, this straightforward and gentle guide describes how Mummy and Daddy conceived their child through donor insemination. (ages 4-7)
London: Infertility Research Trust/Jessup Hospital for Women, 1991.
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Children’s Books on Donor Egg Reproduction and IVF:

Sometimes it takes Three to Make a Baby: Explaining Egg Donor Conception to Young Children

By Kate Bourne Illustrated by Don Thompson

This Australian book includes an illustrated story for young children explaining in simple language the process of egg donation. There is also a workbook called “My Very Own Book About Me” for the child to complete, and advice for parents on talking to young children about their special conception. It will also be of interest to egg donors and their families.
2002 Published by Melbourne IVF Pty Ltd.
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123 A Family Counting Book | ABC A Family Alphabet Book |Felicia’s Favorite Story

Two Lives Publishing, a resource center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered parents and their children.
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Heather Has Two Mommies

By Leslea Newman

This classic contains a good discussion of family diversity. (ages 4-7).Alyson Publications, 1oth Anniversary Edition. Available through

Who’s in a Family?

By Robert Skutch

A picture book portraying families in all their diversity. (ages 3-7). Tricycle Press, 1995, 1998.
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Children’s Books on IVF and Being a Single Mom by Choice:

Just My Mama and Me

By Maggie Ford

It’s the perfect book for anyone who dreamed of being a parent, but struggled with IVF or waiting for the perfect soulmate. This touching picture book reflects the increasing diversity of how families are made today and explores the journey of having a baby as a single parent by choice. Just My Mama and Me, is a wonderful, light-hearted introduction for children on how babies are made through IVF leading the young reader to take away that love is all you need to make a family today.

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