Our Last Chance Miracle

CNY fertility gave us our amazing little boy. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost 10 years. I had one miscarriage and nothing else to show for it. I kept telling myself I didn't need children and I would be ok. Finally my husband convinced me that we needed medical intervention to help us have a child and we contacted the Syracuse office. That was the best decision we ever made. Everyone we worked with was amazing. They were supportive and gave us hope for the first time in our journey. We tried 3 unsuccessful IUIs and then moved on to IVF. We had one failed fresh cycle and had 2 frozen embryos left. My husband's insurance covered all of this, but he was leaving his job and moving to one whose insurance wouldn't cover fertility treatments. The office helped us to quickly work through a frozen cycle to get it in before my husband's insurance was up. I wasn't hopeful, but I still remember the phone call telling me I was pregnant. I can't say enough about how wonderful CNY fertility is. They gave us our Jackson!!