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My first Mother’s Day

Contributed by Lorrell Walter Lorrell WalterIn 2004, right around Mother's Day, I thought I was pregnant for the first time. Married for 10 months, I was ready to start a family. I was 10 days late and though the tests said "no," I firmly believed I was pregnant. It wasn't until the doctor did a blood test that I accepted that it wasn't yet my time to be a mom. Month after month went by and every 28 days I held my breath hoping that I would miss a period. After 18 months with no luck, I decided to see my OB/GYN. At that time I was diagnosed with PCOS and we began different procedures in attempt to get me pregnant. Nothing worked. Seven months later I had my first appointment at CNY Fertility and I felt maybe things would work in my favor. Again, things didn't go my way and I didn't get pregnant as easily as I had hoped. We turned to IVF as a last resort. I did everything that was recommended, including acupuncture (more needles, but I wasn't taking any chances!). We held our breath for a couple of weeks and were delighted when a home pregnancy test, followed by a blood test at CNY Fertility, indicated I was pregnant. The first several weeks of being pregnant were filled with progesterone shots and blood tests, not to mention uncertainty, but soon enough we saw that little heart beating. Just prior to my daughter turning 6 months old we celebrated our first Mother's Day. I am so thankful for the little miracle in my life and the support given to me at CNY Fertility!