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Monica & Ivan

Texas -

Infertility Diagnosis

  • Unexplained infertility


  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET)
  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)


  • Syracuse
  • Travel Client


  • David Corley, MD

Monica & Ivan's Story:

After two years of marriage we decided to start trying to grow our family. We tried for 6 months tracking ovulation and nothing happened.

Being a very type A personality knew we should try up to 1 year before seeing a specialist. We were young and under 30 but something didn’t feel right and I convinced Ivan of seeking help earlier. We did and all of our tests came back “normal”.

After a year we started IUI at a local clinic. I did 7 total, all unsuccessful.

I had a laparoscopy for diagnosis and all was clear.

After that year we moved to IVF and did one retrieval with two transfers. All failed!

We were at a loss and the RE had no more answers for us.

We were three years into trying to conceive and not one positive pregnancy test. Started researching other clinics and we found CNY. I booked a consult and decided to give it a try. Best decision ever!

We had our first retrieval with CNY in July 2019 with a fresh transfer. As travel patients we were nervous, but everything went really well.

We got pregnant, but unfortunately, it was an ectopic pregnancy. I got treated with methotrexate and had to wait for a few cycles to try an FET.

In November 2019 we went back for a FET and got pregnant again but ended up in a chemical pregnancy. Regardless we were making progress and knew that our protocols were working.

February 2020 went back for another Egg Retrieval and got even better results than with our first one. I did a fresh transfer and got pregnant! Sadly baby’s heartbeat stopped around nine weeks, and we had a missed miscarriage.

After everything we were closer than ever to our live birth, and when we felt ready, we decided to try one more FET.

Went back to Syracuse in August 2020 and that was our successful transfer. Rainbow Baby Nicolas arrived on May 2, 2021, perfectly healthy!

We will always be thankful to CNY, its doctors, and all the staff.

Favorite Team Member at CNY:

Dr. Corley was amazing at every phone consult and all of our transfers. He set up our protocols and always made the right changes. Additionally he’s really caring and prayed with us after every transfer.
Nurse Ashley was great at every transfer.

The entire travel team always took great care of us and was on top of everything and willing to listen to our concerns and wishes.

Helpful resources Monica & Ivan found:

We did accupuncture before and after every transfer. It helped me relax a lot.

Unique Moments:

We had never talked to Dr. Kiltz and never got the chance to meet him for any of our treatments; however, after our last transfer was done we were waiting for the shuttle and he randomly approached us just to check how we were doing and gave us very encouraging words.

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

Infertility is a though battle but we’ve learned that only the strongest warriors are sent this struggle. After every storm there’s a rainbow. Never give up on your dreams of growing a family. It may take longer than expected but in the end nothing matters once that baby is in your arms.