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Erica & William

New York -


  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)


  • Syracuse

Erica & William's Story:

I have three children. My firstborn, a son, was conceived naturally and very quickly. When I wanted to expand my family, I assumed it would be just as easy to get pregnant again.

After trying naturally for over a year and a half, I scheduled a consultation with CNY Fertility. Within four months of going there, I became pregnant with my daughter through the IUI process.

We decided we wanted one more baby to complete our family so we tried naturally for one year. We then reached back out to CNY for help!

I went through 8 cycles of IUI, with two of those cycles ending in miscarriages early on in the pregnancy (6-8 weeks). The miscarriages really took a toll on me. But I finally decided to try and go the IVF route. I got pregnant with my second son in one cycle. I transferred one embryo, and he was the magic one! He completed our family.

I later donated my five remaining embryos to someone in need to help them along their journey to parenthood! CNY made it all possible for my husband and I to expand our family!

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Helpful resources Erica & William found:

Talking to others

The Moment:

There is nothing like the moment you see those two lines on a pregnancy test! It is pure excitement! And when you see your baby for the first time, it’s magical. To see what they look like, weigh, etc is amazing! Definitely tears of joy!

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

More people are going through infertility than you think! Share your story with others and you will have people who will reach out to you to help you along the way!