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Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation for those with a cancer diagnosis.

Receiving a Cancer Diagnosis is easily one of if not the most frightening and tragic pieces of news one can receive. At CNY, we are dedicated to supporting you and preserving your future family building potential. That means the same-day appointments and heavily discounted pricing to what is already the nation’s most affordable fertility preservation program.


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Fertility Preservation Options for Oncology Patients

There are so many thoughts and questions that can be running through one’s head after receiving a cancer diagnosis.  One of those might be “Will I be able to have children after my cancer treatment?”  The answer is often yes (particularly if your fertility is preserved prior to starting any life saving but fertility damaging therapy). Here at CNY, we will do everything in our power to make sure that is an option for you after you beat your cancer.

We work with your oncology team and due to the obvious time sensitivity in your cancer and thus fertility preservation treatment, your treatment will be expedited and ensured that your fertility preservation will be completed in the most time-sensitive fashion imaginable.  Depending on the urgency of your treatment and your relationship status that can mean one of a few different things.

  • Sperm Freezing

    Sperm Freezing can be done the same day you call us informing us of your diagnosis. It is a very simple process from a patient perspective and only involves a sample collection in our office.  Sperm freezing is $100 and includes the first year of storage. Storage thereafter is $350/year.


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  • Egg Freezing

    Egg freezing is a more involved process that usually takes about two weeks after the onset of one’s menstrual cycle. In order to obtain the eggs, one usually takes medications to stimulate the ovaries into making more eggs mature and then undergoing an egg retrieval procedure to get the eggs and freeze them.


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  • Embryo Freezing

    As embryos have the highest fidelity in terms of leading of surviving freeze/thaw and resulting in a live birth, those in a committed heterosexual relationship or those willing to use donor sperm or eggs (whichever component they are missing) may choose to make and freeze embryos.


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*in some instances, particularly for females where time is extremely sensitive,  highly experimental tissue preservation may be discussed as an option.