Miracles do happen!
Posted by: admin on Apr 20, 2015 in Success Stories

Our road to fertility started over three years ago when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Having had irregular cycles most of my life I didn’t think much of it until my husband and I were trying to conceive.
We started our treatments at CNY Fertility with oral medication. Unfortunately, with my condition that didn’t work. We scheduled an IUI and prayed for success. Again no such luck. On top of that, it was discovered I had a large cyst on my left ovary and needed surgery. I was scared and confused and wished I could understand why my body wasn’t working the way it should.

Dr Kiltz was able to make me feel at ease and helped me make the right decisions for my surgery. With his guidance I also opted for ovarian drilling which would give me a greater chance of success for pregnancy. Dr Kiltz’s positive energy and constant words of encouragement carried me through the surgery and further fertility treatments. It wasn’t until our third IUI that we were able to conceive. I found out the day after my birthday and what an amazing present to have!!

On February 10, 2015 our little miracle was born.
The staff at CNY Fertility went above and beyond with their personal care at each visit.
Dr Robert Kiltz is one of the most kindest individuals I have ever met. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have this angel in our lives. Thank you Dr Rob for helping make our dreams come true!

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