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Every year, thousands of people make the choice to travel to CNY Fertility for their fertility journey. Our clients come from all across the country and the world!

Here are a few reasons traveling to CNY Fertility has become such a popular destination for fertility tourism:

  • On average, CNY Fertility can be thousands of dollars less expensive than other fertility clinics around the world. Our founder, Dr. Kiltz, has made it his mission to make fertility affordable for anyone. He believes in giving everyone the best opportunity to conceive a child. We also offer many fertile financing options to help individuals further.
  • CNY Fertility does not discriminate and is open to all. Whatever your circumstance may be, we believe every body is unique and overflowing with hope. We are here to give everyone that wants to try, a fair chance.
  • The entire staff at CNY Fertility is here for YOU. This is your journey and our seasoned team of fertility experts are here to answer any questions you may have about the fertility process, as well as offer support to those that need it.
  • The thing we love most is hearing success stories from our clients. Going through the fertility journey can be an emotional road, but when that road ends with a beautiful baby, every step was worth it.


Popular Fertility Travel Services Offered:


Donor Eggs

If you would like to contact CNY Fertility for more information on traveling to one of our three fertility centers in New York, here are a few options:

  • Schedule your free phone or video consultation by clicking here
  • Schedule an in person appointment to meet with Dr. Kiltz’s Fertility Team by clicking here
  • Call us anytime at 800-539-9870
  • If you’re looking for accommodations while visiting CNY Fertility, we have worked with many local establishments to get discounted rates for our clients. You can see these special options by clicking here or you can email us at info@cnyfertility.com.

We look forward to helping you on your path of fertility, no matter where you are!

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