Secondary Infertility

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Many people think that infertility is only a concern when trying to conceive your first child. Secondary infertility, the inability to have a child after a previous birth, actually has a higher prevalence. Most couples fail to seek treatment for their secondary infertility. Often experiencing some downplay from their physicians if and when they do bring it up. Many are told to “keep trying”.

At CNY Fertility Center, with offices in Latham/Albany, Syracuse and Rochester, we are knowledgeable and competent and are here to help you grow your family. We will offer the treatment and support you are looking for, through the use of eastern and western medicine, positive thinking and healing arts. For many couples with secondary infertility there is a lack of support, mainly because so few recognize this as a true problem. Comments like, “you should be happy with what you have” are frequently spoken. Emotionally these comments can be devastating and feelings of anger, guilt and depression may take over the couple’s livelihood. You may have guilt about not having a sibling for your existing child. You may be angry about not have the large family you dreamt about. There may be anger towards your spouse, although not intentional, this can cause marital problems.

At CNY Fertility Centers we want to help. If you are seeking treatment to build your family, we will assist you in every way that we can. You will meet with one of our physicians to review you past history. Some testing with blood work and ultrasound will be performed and a treatment plan will be established. We will monitor you throughout your individualized treatment plan to increase your chance of success.We will offer emotional support through our support groups and one on one conversation. We will encourage the use of CNY Healing Arts for massage, acupuncture and yoga. We want you to be successful in your journey to grow your family. For more information contact us 518-690-0700. If you are interested in support for secondary infertility out of our Latham, NY location, please contact Sheila Miller at the above phone number or by email at smiller@cnyfertility.com.

Sheila Miller, RT RDMS
Ultrasonographer and Radiology Technician
CNY Fertility Center, Latham, NY

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