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Joanna McCall

Joanna studied Health Science at SUNY Cortland and Nursing at Hartwick College and has a dual bachelor’s degree. She started caring for women in OB/GYN in 2000 and never turned back. Joanna began coordinating IVF in 2007 and says it’s her dream career! She personally had a ten-year journey with infertility before finally turning to IVF. She was reluctant to go to IVF mostly because of a fear of failure and financial burden but in 2009 was blessed with the birth of her first IVF baby.  In 2011, Joanna experienced a pregnancy loss after FET, saying it was the hardest thing she has ever experienced.  After several months of grieving, Joanna conceived twins from  FET and her family is now complete with three healthy boys and IVF is the reason!  Joanna says, “I will be forever grateful for this journey and it is my passion to walk alongside others who are facing a similar road.”