Meditation for Fertility Recording: Erasing the Negative Words


CNY Fertility Center's Fertility MeditationsMeditation and positive visualization are integral to a healthy and happy journey to parenthood. A recent NY Times article citing the journal, Psychiatry Research:Neuroimaging article has shed amazing and clarifying light on the world of meditation. The study shows that just 30 minutes of meditation a day for 8 weeks changes the physical structure of the brain, for the better. Meditation for Fertility can be a very helpful tool while going through the challenges of infertility as you do the work of creating your family.
Erasing the Negative Words:
For this breathing exercise and visualization, we walk through the process of erasing negative words and phrases from our internal dialogue.  Sometimes, it is easy to get stuck in a negative cycle with ourselves.  We can be our own worst enemy, if we aren’t careful with the words we use.  This visualization will help you address any negative words that you use, and provide you with a great tool to erase them from your day. Find a comfortable place to relax, click on the arrow below to listen and enjoy.
Meditation for Fertility May 2013
This Thursday, July 25th, Lisa Stack (CNY Fertility Center Support Coordinator) is hosting our free monthly Meditation and Relaxation webinar.  This is another opportunity to take a step back, breathe deeply, and welcome any new thoughts and ideas.  You never know what may be the one idea that works for you.
We have a library of all of our previous Meditation for Fertility audio recordings located online here. We invite you to visit this page often whenever you feel the need to slow down, take a breath, relax and rejuvenate. Also, many of our meditations are available on iTunes – enjoy!
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