Fertility 101

Family Building for Transgender People

We believe parenthood is a joy that every human being has the RIGHT to experience and enjoy.  While hormonal or surgical processes of transitioning may affect your future fertility, with the right knowledge and preparation, CNY can turn your biological family from a dream to a reality!   We offer both fertility preservation and treatment options for those looking to grow their family now.


Before Transitioning

Fertility Preservation

If you plan on transitioning, you may want to consider sperm or egg freezing prior to any hormonal or surgical treatments that may affect your fertility.

  • Sperm Freezing

    • For those assigned male at birth, sperm cryopreservation (aka freezing) prior to any transition therapy allows you to have a biological family of your own in the future. Sperm freezing is a very simple process. With a simple semen analysis, we’ll be able to help determine how many vials you should freeze. Sperm can stay frozen for decades without deteriorating.
  • Egg Freezing

    • For those assigned a female gender at birth, egg cryopreserving (freezing) eggs prior to transition therapy gives you the potential for a biological family of your own in the future. Egg freezing typically involves a week-long period of medications to stimulate egg development followed by an egg retrieval surgery.  Once the eggs are harvested they can be frozen and stored nearly indefinitely.

Next Steps

Using Your Frozen Eggs or Sperm

Those who have frozen their sperm or eggs prior to transitioning have several treatment options available for them using their biologically related gametes.

  • Cryopreserved Sperm

  • Cryopreserved Eggs

    • If in a relationship with a cisgender woman, you may use your eggs and donor sperm to complete a reciprocal IVF cycle.
    • If single, or in a relationship with a cisgender man, you may use donor or partner sperm to establish a pregnancy. Some may require the help of a gestational carrier.

Third Party Reproduction - Donor Options

Family Building Options Without Frozen Eggs or Sperm

Many people only discover their wish for a family after fully undergoing their transition therapy.  Fortunately, there are still many family building options available.  Of course, your partner’s reproductive capabilities plan a significant role in determining which options are truly available, but it is likely you may need donor eggs, donor sperm, and/or a gestational carrier combined with IUI or IVF.