Conceive shares excerpt from The Fertile Secret by Dr. Rob Kiltz


This month Conceive magazine shared an excerpt from Dr. Rob Kiltz’s new book, The Fertile Secret and we would like to share it here as well as the meditation recording to go along with it.
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Quiet Belly Meditation

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Meditation Quiet Belly
meditation-greenMeditative breathing exercises can carry you through many challenging moments while you are trying to conceive. As you are preparing for various stages of your cycle, a quiet breathing and visualization exercise will help to calm the body and direct your energy. You can practice cleansing breathing, meditation, and visualization at any moment. Whether you are sitting in the waiting room, having your blood drawn, or patiently waiting those seemingly endless two weeks, this exercise will provide you with a calm and peaceful moment all to yourself.
Beginning again with a few deep, cleansing breaths. Our intention for this practice will be warmth. Close your eyes and allow the outside world to fall into the background. Focus your attention to the confines of your body.
Where you are sitting, the room you are in, and the people around you are irrelevant in this moment. You are the focus. Moving into the diaphragmatic three-part breath, place one or both of your hands just below your belly, where you imagine your uterus and ovaries to be.
Continue breathing slowly, patiently, and evenly. Bring your attention to the sensation of your hand on your belly, and your belly on your hand. Feel the energy and warmth flowing between the two. Allow the healing energy to flow from your hand to your belly. Imagine a beautiful, warm, and glistening golden orange wheel. This wheel is spinning rapidly, like a child’s pinwheel. Located where your hand is, this wheel gathers energy becoming warmer, brighter, and more beautiful.
Feel the warmth radiate from the wheel, to your belly, and inwards to your uterus and ovaries. This represents your Sacral Chakra, one of the seven energy points in the body and home to your reproductive potential. Checking in again with the breath, allow each inhale to spread the warmth and beauty of the golden orange color throughout your entire body. Allow yourself to feel surrounded by the love of your fertile potential. Inhale, and exhale.
Each inhale is a new beginning, and a new story. You will never take that breath again, and you will never repeat that moment. Mindfully accepting the breath and the potential that it holds, welcomes new opportunity with each inspiration. Similarly, each exhalation is a release of stress, anxiety, and negativity. Every time you release the breath, you have the potential to release some of your physical and emotional burden. You have the potential to change.
Acknowledging the power of patient breathing and a quiet mind prepares the body for the great journey of parenthood. As you now are able to patiently welcome each thought, breath, and moment, you will also welcome your beloved child. Burrowing deeper and revealing your true self with each inhalation, you are beginning to embody the Fertile Secret, the fertile you. Returning to these exercises as needed, remember that you naturally are relaxed, happy, and fertile. As challenging as some moments may be, you have the ability to choose an easy breath, serene meditation, and happy thoughts. You have the ability to choose the home for your beloved child.
by Dr. Robert Kiltz, from The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living a Fertile Life