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CNY Fertility Center was built on the idea that affordable, quality fertility care can be affordable to all.  Our Donor Egg Team is working on financial packages that ensure that every client has the opportunity to pursue their dream of building a family.  We have heard and appreciate the comments and concerns regarding some of the potential changes with our financial packages.  We thank you for your patience as we create options that will provide affordable, quality fertility care for everyone!

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  1. K.D
    K.D says:

    Any word on finalization of the changes in pricing? Some of us may have to procure a donor quickly, if the new pricing causes us to have to pay more for a donor after June 1st (are the changes still going in effect on June 1st?). I have insurance for my part, but not the donor’s and I’m feeling a lot of anxiety on what we will end up paying.

    • Lisa Stack
      Lisa Stack says:

      Thanks for your question! We have finalized our prices, and they are as follows. I suggest that you contact our donor team directly to assess your personal cycle pricing options with your insurance coverage. These prices begin today for all recipients who are not currently matched with a donor:
      Donor Egg packages (effective 6/1/12)
      Prices listed are discounted self pay rates
      Patients with insurance are not eligible for these package rates
      Standard package:
      5-7 Mature eggs: $6000 until 12/31/12
      $8000 (effective 1/1/13)
      Additional mature eggs can be purchased for $1500 per mature egg
      Includes donor fees, donor screening, donor medications, donor monitoring at one of our offices, retrieval, ICSI, assisted hatching, 1 embryo transfer, & cryopreservation of additional embryos with 1 year storage. If using frozen egg option- this includes donor match, frozen egg warming, ICSI, assisted hatching, 1 embryo transfer, & cryopreservation of additional embryos with 1 year storage. Recipient monitoring (at CNY typically $750/cycle) & recipient medications (typically $1200/cycle) are not included. Additional services such as cryopreservation/storage of sperm, donor sperm, PGD, embryo storage beyond 1 year, or additional lab services are not included.
      Shared Risk Package: (prepaid purchasing of 5-7 MATURE eggs): With this option, if you deliver a baby before the number of cycles purchased has been completed, including frozen cycles, you will not be eligible for a refund.
      6/1/12-12/31/12: Beginning 1/1/13:
      2 Cycles: $10,800 2 Cycles: $14,400
      4 Cycles: $20,400 4 Cycles: $27,200
      6 Cycles: $28,800 6 Cycles: $38,400
      8 Cycles: $36,000 8 Cycles: $48,000
      Guarantee package: $50,000: If after 6 cycles completed, there is not a live birth, your payment will be refunded.
      Qualifications will apply.

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