You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay


April’s Book of the Month at CNY Fertility Center is unique, and insightful.  Hay uses examples and exercises to walk us through her process of daily affirmations and positive thinking.  She believes that each medical and emotional ailment we experience is liked to an emotion, or thought that we are not adequately processing.  For example, cancer can be a result of harboring resentment.  Hay feels that what we perceive as ‘holding us back’ or ‘standing in our way’ is actually just a thought, and thoughts can be changed.  The goal is to change your thoughts and normal reactions, from negative to positive.  This change will then result in a positive ripple effect throughout the rest of your life.
How do we begin the change?

According to Hay, we have to recognize and acknowledge what our perceived problem is, and then assess what the mental or emotional cause may be.  Spend some time becoming aware of what your anxieties, pains, and concerns are.  What is preventing you from happiness?  From love?  From living?
After you have acknowledged a few things that you would like to improve, it is time to change your language.  Instead of using the negative language, ‘I can’t’ ‘I won’t’ ‘I should have’, turn them into positive.  An example Hay gives is as follows:

I don’t want to be fat.
I don’t want to be broke.
I don’t want to be old.
I don’t want to live here.
I don’t want to have this relationship.
I am slender.
I am prosperous.
I am eternally young.
I now move to a better place.
I have a wonderful new relationship. (p. 75)

By changing the language that you use with yourself and others, all of these situations become manageable, and less of a burden.  It is important to continually use these positive words to retrain our mind, and heart.
Hay also suggests positive affirmations, or sayings that you could repeat daily, and help retrain the brain.  In the back of the book she has an index of various medical ailments and associated suggested affirmations.  You could easily begin with a simple daily affirmation of “I accept, and love myself”.  Just be sure to stay consistent! I will leave you with one great affirmation for acceptance and healthy functioning of the body:

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.
I recognize my body as a good friend.
Each cell in my body has Divine Intelligence.
I listen to what it tells me, and know that its advice is valid.
I am always safe, and Divinely protected and guided.
I choose to be healthy and free.  All is well in my world. (p. 143)