Words of support and encouragement, May 26th, 2009


As the month of May comes to a close at CNY Fertility Center, I would like to leave you with a short, but meaningful quote and a few reading suggestions by Dr. Rob.
“Further up and further in!” – The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
While this is quite a short line, there is a lot of thought and meaning behind it.  “Further up and further in!” was the response of one of the story’s main characters when asked simply, what do we do now?  At this point in the series a young group of explorers have been exercising and pushing their faith, in order to become closer to the spiritual being they identify with.  At this moment they are standing on the top of the world, and it appears they have reached their goal.  However they are humbled and reminded to go “Further up and further in!”.
This sentiment can be applied to any situation of searching and awareness.  Take meditation for example, although there will be sessions where we may find peace and the calming of thoughts we strive for, we can always continue our practice and work towards a greater calm and quiet.  In our search for happiness we can always find more, and better yet, spread happiness to even more corners of the earth.
We should always be grateful for where we are and the progress we have made, however we should also recognize that there is more room to grow and a deeper understanding to strive for.
Meditation and relaxation whether it is through prayer, yoga, acupuncture, or massage, has been shown to greatly increase chances for conception.  I suggest you move further in your relaxation practice, and you will ultimately reap the wonderful benefits.
Take a look at Dr. Rob’s reading list, found at www.mindbodysmile.com for some great books that can help you find that inner peace and continue to work on it.  Also, if you are in the area we have many wonderful books on sale at our CNY Healing Arts locations in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester and as always our CNY Healing Arts staff are more than happy to help you discover new ways to find peace.
Continue your journey to inner peace, and remember we are here to help you along the way.
Lisa Stack