Words of Support and Encouragement Week of September 7, 2009


aurora-borealis-a-009Good morning!  I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying your Labor Day!  This month for our Circle of Hope Support Group we read The Shack by William Paul Young, and I would like to share with you a brief thought for the beginning of the autumn season.
“Mackenzie, the pattern of color and light is unique to each person; no two are alike and no pattern is ever the same twice.  Here, we are able to see one another truly, and part of seeing means that individual personality and emotion are visible in color and light.” (p. 214)

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine if others could see you as ‘color and light’.  Instead of the clothes you wear, or the expression on your face, they simply see colors and light flowing in your physical shape.  What color or colors would you be?  How bright would your light be?  It would be wonderful if we could constantly emit a beautiful bright, shimmering golden light, but we do have those moments where we are not feeling as well as we should.  Although we have to feel and experience each emotion (good or bad!) try and focus on keeping your overall light and color what YOU want it to be.  Think about those moments where you may be distracted by your own thoughts, focusing on the past and future.  How do others perceive your mood?  How are they responding to you?  Is it the response and experience you want?  Remember back to The Four Agreements.  Thoughts are just things, and they can be changed.  They do not have to dictate your entire day, and each of your relationships.  Try to actively address, experience, and leave behind each emotion as they happen.  Emotions are not permanent, and are not solid, they flow through us just like water and with a little help can be pushed with a faster current when needed.
I hope you have a wonderful week, and please check the calendar at www.cnyhealingarts.com for September’s support group sessions and workshops.
Take care,

Lisa Stack