Words of Support and Encouragement Week of September 17, 2012


Good morning!  I hope that you were able to relax and enjoy the weekend.  Do you ever feel like you want to share your challenges with a friend or family member, but they don’t seem to understand how to support you?  It is very common for others to feel uncomfortable or ill-equipped to talk about infertility.  Although your friends and family members likely want to offer you as much love and support as possible, sometimes the right words just aren’t there.
The words we use with each other are very important.  They are how we communicate our feelings and understanding, and they are often taken very, very personally.  If a friend or family member isn’t aware of the correct words to use, it is OK to educate them.  If they truly want to love and support you on this journey, you will likely see a sense of relief wash over them when you let them know how to best support you.  It is OK to guide the love and support you need, just try to be patient as you do it.
You can help guide the support and words that your family offer by giving them positive feedback when they do something that you like.  If you really appreciated space during the two week wait instead of a call every single day – tell them.  Let them know that how they loved you from afar at that time, made you feel closer to them as they respected your space.  If you need more contact, ask your friend to stay in touch during this period, as hearing her voice is very comforting.
You can also invite your support person/people to our support events.  Many partners, moms, sisters, and friends have gained a wealth of resources to support their loved one while attending a Circle of Hope support group session.  My favorite question is always when a support person asks me, ‘How can I support her through this?  How can I make her feel better?’.  They ask because they care, and they love you.  They just haven’t had your exact experience, so they don’t know what will comfort you.  When you recognize this, and guide them, you will have a much more personalized and strong support system.
This week, why not invite your support person to listen in on two great virtual support sessions?  Tonight, you could call in to Dr. Rob and Kristen Magnacca’s Teleworkshop.  Then, on Thursday, you can watch our Interactive Fertility Support Webinar: Yoga for Fertility as you learn the many benefits of yoga and yogic thinking for your fertility journey.
For more support events and yoga sessions, please feel free to check out our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars.
I hope to hear from you on Thursday!