Words of Support and Encouragement Week of October 3, 2011
Posted by: Editor on Oct 03, 2011 in News

Good morning!  Last week, in my Words of Support and Encouragement article, I talked about energy allocation.   Taking an inventory of where we spend most of our energy, can help us to recognize places where we may be able to save some for ourselves.  For example, instead of allowing a challenging personality at work to drain us, we can not take their actions personally, and reserve that energy for our health and wellness.

On Monday, October 10th, Meg Sullivan, LCSW will be joining us at the Syracuse Circle of Hope Support Group.  Meg will lead us in a discussion on energy allocation for ourselves, and our cycles.  She is a fantastic resource, incredibly open, and very knowledgeable.  I hope that you are able to join us, and work though the challenging emotions surrounding your fertility journey.  For a more in depth description of Meg’s session, please visit the following link.

I hope to see you next week!  For more October support events, please visit our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars.



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