Words of Support and Encouragement Week of October 26, 2009


fall-leavesGood morning! On Saturday at Syracuse CNY Healing Arts we had a wonderful workshop about the many losses and changes experienced throughout the fertility process. We focused on the different emotions that arise, and how to work through them without letting them consume us.
As I was conducting research for the workshop, I came across a wonderful exercise in the book, Healing from Trauma by Jasmin Cori, MS, LPC to help identify what is calming, and relaxing. This exercise can be used by anyone (whether you are trying to conceive, or not), and it can become a nice list to reference during times of heightened anxiety:

  1. Name a texture you find comforting.
  2. What is something you like to wear that feels comforting?
  3. Name a couple of comfort foods.
  4. What music or sounds do you find soothing? (Or do you prefer the absence of surrounding sound?)
  5. Name an object that is comforting (yes, blankies count).
  6. Name an animal and a way of being with that animal that is comforting to you.
  7. Name a place you can go when you need soothing.
  8. Name a person you find soothing. Now another person. Now get more specific. How do you prefer contact with either of these people? With what intention?
  9. What activities (e.g., walking, swimming, hot tub, being held) are soothing to you?
  10. Name a vacation setting that would be an immersion experience in self-soothing.

The goal is to write down your answers, and keep them close. Once you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with emotion, just begin at the top of the list and work your way through until you find something that helps you relax!
Have a wonderful week,