Words of Support and Encouragement: Week of November 2, 2009
Posted by: Editor on Nov 02, 2009 in News

seven_spiritual_lawsI hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!  During our Circle of Hope support group sessions this month we will be looking at the inspirational book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.  This is a nice (and quick!) book that walks us through seven simple laws to live by in order to achieve the best version of ourselves.  Through this book Chopra guides us to a life of happiness, and love.  He encourages us to embrace life, and accept change in order to become more calm, patient, and whole:

“When you become defensive, blame others, and do not accept and surrender to the moment, your life meets resistance. Any time you encounter resistance, recognize that if you force the situation, the resistance will only increase. You don’t want to stand rigid like a tall oak that cracks and collapses in the storm. Instead, you want to be flexible, like a reed that bends with the storm and survives.”

During our support group sessions we will look more closely at the invaluable tools Chopra gives us, and how to apply them to our daily lives.  You can read a description and purchase the book at our online store here:

Also, check the CNY Fertility Calendar for this month’s support group dates (be sure to select the proper location at the top of the page):

We are also offering numerous fun and relaxing workshops through our Healing Arts Centers, and they can be found on the CNY Healing Arts Calendar:

I hope to see you at some of these events!

Take care, and have a wonderful week.



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