Words of Support and Encouragement Week of May 3, 2010


The clouds that wander through the sky
Have no roots, no home; nor do the distinctive
Thoughts floating through the mind.
Once this is seen,
Discrimination stops.

Rest at ease your body.
Giving not, nor taking,
Put your mind at rest.
Maha Mudra is like a mind that clings
to nothing.
Tilopa (988-1069 CE) from “Song of Maha Mudra”
What a beautiful weekend!  I hope you were able to get outside, and enjoy the lovely weather.  Now as spring is in full bloom, there are countless vibrant colors, sweet smells, and beautiful bird songs to take in.  This is a wonderful opportunity to open the mind and heart, through meditation.  This week, try to spend some quiet and restful time outside.  Allow your senses to be won over by the world around you.  Focus on the many colors in one flower, or the repetitive song of a cardinal.  Watch the clouds slowly pass by, and enjoy their relaxed presence.
This month, we will discuss some great resources for meditation at our Dr. Rob’s Monthly Support Webinar.  For login information as well as other wonderful support opportunities, be sure to check the CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars.
Be well,