Words of Support and Encouragement Week of May 24, 2010


“The Zen of doing anything is doing it with a particular concentration of mind, a calmness and simplicity of mind, that brings the experience of enlightenment and, through that experience, happiness.”  Zen and the Art of Happiness
Now that the weather has finally turned, we have the wonderful opportunity to explore the world around us!  One of my favorite ways to meditate and unwind is to take a nice, long walk.  This can be done in your neighborhood, or one of the many beautiful parks we are blessed with.  I like to utilize this website, when I am looking for someplace new to try: NYS Parks
While you are walking, focus on the breath.  Feel the crisp, clean air pass in through the nose, cleanse the whole body, and then release with a smile through the mouth.  Allow the warmth of the sun to bring you comfort, and the life around you, support.  Give yourself at least 15 minutes to walk, as it takes a few moments for the mind to unwind.
If you are in the Syracuse area, please join us for the Fertile Friends Open Forum this Thursday: Open Forum
Also, Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss is our June Book of the Month!
Happy walking,