Words of Support and Encouragement Week of June 29, 2009


sunset-flowers2Realizing Happiness
At CNY Fertility we see many dreams pass through our doors.  When boiled down, most of these dreams are rooted in the search for happiness.  Often we can get distracted and consumed by this seemingly endless pursuit.  What if we are already there, or have most of our dreams right in front of us but we are too distracted to notice?
I have a quick activity for you this week, to clarify your image and dream of happiness.  Sit somewhere quietly with little distraction, and close your eyes.  I would like you to imagine yourself at your happiest state.  Who is around you?  Where are you?  What are you doing in life?  Try and imagine your long-term happiness, not just a moment such as a particular vacation spot.  Where are you living?  What is your family like?  Take a few moments to feel this happiness and really observe all that is around you.
Now open your eyes.  What part of that image already exists?  Take it piece by piece; does your family situation contain any complete components?  Are you living in your dream home, or town?  Do you have your ideal job?  Are you healthy?  Is your spouse healthy?
You may realize that you have already accomplished more of your dream than you have thought.  You may have all of the components of your dream life except for one, but that one is in the forefront of your mind and will overshadow the realization of everything else you have accomplished.  There may be many aspects of your life that are in that ‘true happiness’ category, and it is important to recognize that, reward yourself, and enjoy them.
Try to remember that one component, regardless of how important and pinnacle it seems, will not completely ruin your image of happiness.  There are multiple factors in that dream situation you created in your mind, and many of them are already coming true.
Lisa Stack