Words of Support and Encouragement Week of June 15, 2009


eatprayloveThis week at our monthly Support Group with Dr. Rob at the CNY Fertility Syracuse Office we will discuss  ‘Eat Pray Love’, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  At one point in the novel she states that ‘The Yogic path is about disentangling the built-in glitches of the human condition, which I’m going to over-simply define here as the heartbreaking inability to sustain contentment.” (p122).  One of my built-in glitches is that I constantly want to have control over the situation.  Unfortunately with fertility I cannot have control, and I cannot predict the outcome.  I have been working on being happy with what happens, or at least OK with it.  What are some different ‘built-in glitches’ you may identify with?  A good example is placing all happiness on having a child the way you intend.  Are there other ways to create a family that would be OK for you to pursue (donor egg, adoption, etc.).
It sounds easy but it is incredibly difficult to change how our minds work.  It takes practice and patience and if you don’t feel this amazing sense of change and content after a week, it is OK…. It is a process!  So what can we do? Some good ways to work towards this are prayer, mantra, and yoga.  If you are unable to attend yoga or are not particularly religious, daily affirmations are just as helpful.  You could write on your bathroom mirror, ‘I am happy and healthy, the rest will come’ or ‘I will create the family I have always wanted’ having phrases such as these around you is a good reminder of what you are working towards.  Eventually you will no longer need to remind yourself of your goals and your mind will have changed to automatically recognize them.
The goal is to sustain happiness, and the process is one of trial and error.  Good resources to try are the monthly Support Groups, as well as CNY Healing Arts.
Take care,
Lisa Stack

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  1. Heather & Eli
    Heather & Eli says:

    TO Dr. Kiltz and Staff-
    Thank you so much for the wonderful zoo party. We really enjoyed the party, and interacting with the staff, and other families that share the same devotion and determination that we share with the issues of infertility. The beautiful family’s that were present, and beautiful children….it was a beautiful fun filled evening and the memories will last a life time. I had the honor of meeting Dr. Kiltz’s mom at the event, she is a very precious and dear lady. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful things you do for our CNY Fertility family- past present and future. God Bless you all…and I look forward to our cny famly reunion in the future.

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