Words of Support and Encouragement Week of July 19, 2010


As with many of our patients at CNY Fertility Center, you may wonder when it is appropriate to switch from one protocol to another.  Sometimes our patients will find themselves in a challenging position when the idea of a transition from IUI to IVF arises.  Many will ask, ‘how will I know when it is the right decision?’  While we cannot give you an exact moment where the change is right for you, emotionally, there is an exercise that you can try to discern when that time comes.
Place yourself, for a moment, in the situation where you are beginning that next stage.  Take some time to assess the emotions that arise.  Are you feeling excitement?  Regret?  Anxiety?  Do you feel like your body is ready?  Are your emotions ready?
Then do this again, but imagine yourself doing a few more cycles where you are right now.  Assess your emotions, and any thoughts you may have.
Which situation caused the least amount of anxiety?  Which one felt easier for you to imagine, and sit comfortably with?
While you may not be able to decide based just on this exercise, it is a good way to begin assessing the emotional toll a decision can have.  If you have any questions for myself, or the medical staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are more than willing to talk through some of these decisions with you.
Have a great week!