Words of Support and Encouragement Week of February 8, 2010


Who did you hope to win last night?  The Colts?  The Saints?  I rooted for neither, instead I cheered on Kiva, a rescued Alaskan Malamute and if you ask me, the star of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.  What can easily turn into a mundane experience of sitting in front of the TV for a few hours, has turned into something sacred in my home.  We prepare a large meal together, and enthusiastically cheer on our favorite puppies with the hope of them earning MVP (most valuable puppy, of course).  After the puppy bowl we will watch a bit of the actual Super Bowl, but it isn’t always the most interesting event for a house dominated by girls.
So why am I telling you about our bowl game preferences, and calling it ‘sacred’?  There is an idea in theology of the sacred vs. mundane.  We have many practices that are mundane – we complete them mindlessly, just going through the motions.  Something mundane could be driving, doing housework, or watching television (I recognize the Super Bowl can be a sacred event to some, but it was rather mundane in my family).  Sacred events are those that are mindful, and filled with love.  These could be anything that leaves you feeling satisfied: yoga, prayer, meditation, or spending time with family, to name a few.  The idea here is to incorporate sacred acts into more of our mundane practices.  Try to find ways to include family, friends, or spirituality in your everyday practices, and you will find that your heart and mind are more relaxed and at peace.  A good way to practice this is to pray, or listen to a meditative/inspirational CD on your way to work in the morning.  Converting just a few minutes from mundane to sacred each day will begin beautiful, and welcomed changes!
Just a reminder that the Syracuse Circle of Hope Support Group will meet tonight to create vision boards, at 5:30p.  Check the CNY Fertility Calendar for great events at all three locations: Calendar
Take care,