Words of Support and Encouragement Week of February 28, 2011


As the attendance of our support offerings continues to grow, we recognize your need to share.  Sharing your story in a safe and relaxing environment has shown to decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness.  Recent studies have also suggested that sharing in a group environment increases your chances of conception.  While we have many support group and webinar opportunities available on our calendars, we also offer a wonderful Fertile Friends program.  We have recently reworked the signup process, to make it more accessible for you, and easier for us to find a match for you!
Fertile Friendships are a great way to receive support, share your story, and feel a sense of understanding.  We try to match you with someone facing similar challenges, according to your specific requests.  Keep in mind, however, that it may take a bit to match you as we continue to build our pool of participants.  That being said, we will work our hardest to find someone that we feel will work best with your unique journey!
If you are interested in signing up for the Fertile Friends program, or you have recently contacted one of our staff members but have not yet been patched, please visit our website to fill out a new application:  Fertile Friends.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
Have a great week!