Words of Support and Encouragement Week of February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Whether you are celebrating a committed relationship, a love shared between family members, or your capacity to love and celebrate yourself, take a few extra moments today to sit in the love and beauty around you!  You are a loving, feeling, and beautiful being.  You are so filled with love and compassion that you are working tirelessly to welcome a new life to love and nurture!
This Valentine’s Day, work to recognize the love and compassion that you embody as you continue on your journey to parenthood.  Making selfless sacrifices each day, you are quickly becoming the parent you have always dreamed you would be.  You are already loving, nurturing, and supporting your child – even if he or she isn’t yet in your arms.
Today, take a little extra time to love yourself.  Indulge in something that makes you go aaahhhhh.  Sink into a warm bath, have a few bites of something sweet, or just take some time to sit quietly and peacefully.  You deserve it, and you are worth it.
Enjoy the love around you!