Words of Support and Encouragement Week of February 1, 2010


The beginning of February is often overpowered by the anticipation of Valentine’s Day (and snow!).  While some may find this holiday unnecessary or too commercial, it does serve as a constant reminder of romantic dinners, affectionate cards and thoughtful gifts.  Regardless of whether you typically celebrate the holiday, try to use this month of love to work on your relationships – the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day will serve as a great reminder!
While pursuing fertility treatments it is very easy for relationships to change, or feel lost.  The emotional and physical toll of  infertility opens the door for strain with your partner, family, and friends.  It is completely normal to feel distance from those you love during this process.
Through working with couples in the past, I have found that communication and random acts of love are key to sustaining the highest level of normalcy throughout treatment.  It is incredibly important to keep the conversation going – and not just about having children.  Also, random small gifts are a wonderful way to remind your partner that you are thinking of them, and loving them all day.  This does not mean you have to buy a gift for each day.  Try leaving a small note saying ‘love you!’ near your partner’s keys in the morning, or schedule a date night once a week for just the two of you to focus on each other – even if you just stay home!  Use all of the Valentine’s Day ‘stuff’ that you see as a reminder to act on your love everyday.
We also have some great couple’s events planned this month at each location, be sure to check the calendar and RSVP early if you are interested! CNY Healing Arts
Express your love today!