Words of Support and Encouragement Week of December 28, 2009


meditate-3Good morning, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  This Friday we will be welcoming a new year, and new decade.  This is usually the time we wrestle with the idea of a resolution, and often they have a negative connotation (I won’t eat sugar, I will finally get rid of this extra weight, I won’t spend too much money, etc…).  This year (and decade!) why not try a positive life change?  Instead of ‘resolving’ what you perceive as a problem area, make the commitment to nurture and enhance a particular area in your life.
This way, if you feel you are not keeping the promise, you won’t be so inclined to become negative with yourself.  It is not an immediate change you are trying to make.  Instead, you are working towards supplementing your life, which you will naturally be inclined to do.  So what healthy and positive promises am I talking about?  Spending 20 minutes a day just for yourself, picking up a new creative hobby, planning one date night a week, really anything that makes you happy and you don’t currently do on a regular basis.
This is a wonderful time to start really loving, and caring for yourself.  This new year is a wonderful opportunity for you to start a new, healthy relationship with yourself.  You just need to commit 21 days to the promise for it to become a habit!
Take care,