Words of Support and Encouragement Week of December 21, 2009


holidayGood morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend, and you are enjoying this holiday season.  This time of year we can easily become distracted and overwhelmed with buying and exchanging material gifts.  While it is fun and festive, there are some other ways to give – to ourselves, and to others.  I have created a small activity to get our minds and hearts thinking about what is most important.  For this exercise be sure to actually write down your answers, don’t cheat by quickly answering in your head!  It is important to spend the time actually writing each question out, because it forces you to spend a few moments really thinking about your answer, and committing it to memory.
Take a few moments to first reflect on the holiday season, and what it means to you.  Then, answer each question thoughtfully and try to incorporate your responses into this year’s celebration.

  1. List three of your most fond holiday memories.
  2. List three of your favorite holiday traditions.
  3. Name one tradition you miss celebrating.
  4. Name one tradition you would like to begin.
  5. Who do you love spending your holiday with?
  6. Name five people you are thankful for having in your life.
  7. List five ways you could show them your love, whether big or small.
  8. Name one person you miss, and would like to reconnect with this holiday.
  9. How could you reestablish that relationship?
  10. Finally, list five ways you could love and care for yourself this holiday.

I hope you enjoy that quick exercise, it is supposed to get you thinking, and loving!
Happy Holidays,