Words of Support and Encouragement Week of August 23, 2010


Taking time to nurture yourself is important, and a great way to relieve stress!  While you are trying to conceive, Maya Abdominal Massage is both calming, and helpful!  This particular abdominal massage is intended to realign and nurture the abdomen.  It is very simple to do each day, and facilitates a good 10-15 minutes of quiet time – just for you!
Look for a video to be posted in the next few days.  I will be talking about my personal experiences with this unique massage.  I have worked with Erika Lutwin in our Syracuse CNY Healing Arts Center, and I highly recommend giving it a try!
Also, the Latham CNY Healing Arts Center is holding a Maya Abdominal Massage workshop this Thursday, August 26th.  Check here for more information: Calendar
And here is more specific information about this special massage: Maya Abdominal Massage
Best of luck!