Words of Support and Encouragement Week of April 19, 2010


“Taking care of yourself is not selfish. When you are centered and healthy you have much more to offer to others.”  – Tara Stiles, Yogini
With flowers blooming and cleansing rain showers, it is hard not to feel like starting fresh and making a healthy change.  It is important to take it slow, repeat often, and be forgiving.  Not all changes happen overnight, but the discipline and foundation builds on itself, everyday.  Yoga is one of my favorite ways to re-center, take a breath, and reconnect.
One of my asanas (yoga poses) is Vrksasana, or tree pose.  This pose reminds me of the ground beneath my feet, while I am simultaneously reaching for the heavens.  I can also tell a lot about myself while I am trying to be quiet and still.  I can feel myself holding in certain places, or experiencing weakness in others.  I can also assess how well I handled my thoughts and emotions throughout the day, by my ability to quiet my mind and the amount of ‘swaying’ I experience.   For a description of this pose from Yoga Journal, click here
Also, tree pose is a great way to celebrate Earth Day (this Thursday!).  In honor of Earth Day, Yoga Journal Magazine has put their latest issue online, for free!  You can find the magazine here
For some great yoga and meditation classes, be sure to check our  CNY Healing Arts Calendar
If you are in the Syracuse area, I will be holding a Letting Go workshop this Saturday, April 24, 2010.  For more information visit the event page: Letting Go
Happy transforming, and enjoy Earth Day!