Words of Support and Encouragement: Releasing Judgement


07tulip lavenderGood morning!  It was a beautiful weekend here in Central New York, and a great start to spring.  Over the past few months we have been focusing on our fullest expression of The Fertile Secret.  We have offered free workshops at all three locations, each month, to make this transformative way of approaching fertility available to you.  At the heart center of these workshops, and on a greater scale, Dr. Kiltz’s Fertile Secret, is releasing judgement of ourselves.
Every day, you have the opportunity to welcome challenges and changes with either love or judgement.  This morning, you could commit to preparing a healthy breakfast for yourself because you want to have a healthy well-nourished body.  Or, you could approach a healthy breakfast with judgement about your weight, previous eating habits, or frustration with your fertility.  Similarly, you could attend any of our support group sessions, yoga classes, or Fertile Secret workshops with a love and energy that will elevate your health and happiness, or you could begrudgingly join with resentment towards yourself and what you perceive is broken.  Judging ourselves inhibits the great growth that could have come with love and acceptance.
We hope that you join us this month, with love for yourself and an open heart, for support sessions that will ease your mind and calm your soul.  Today, release all judgement.  You are making healthy choices from this point forward to nurture and support yourself.
We have many support opportunities available to you this month.  Be sure to check our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars, as well as our Support Highlights article.
Finally, we would like to invite you to our Circle of Hope Support Group sessions.  Tomorrow, both Syracuse and Albany will meet, and Rochester will meet at the end of the month:
Syracuse:  Tuesday, March 12th 7:30p-8:30p 
Albany:  Tuesday, March 12th 5:30p-7:00p – Please note this is a Guys Night Out, so check the description!
Rochester:  Wednesday, March 27th 5:15p-6:30p
If you are interested in a more private one-on-one support situation, Lisa Stack is our CNY Fertility Center Support Coordiator, she offers her services as a lay support person and can be contacted by email at lstack@cnyfertility.com.
If you are interested in an initial fertility consultation either over the phone (if you live out of the NY State region) or in-office, please call our toll-free number at 800.539.9870 or request a consult here.