Video: Dr. Rob Kiltz on Fertility and Hysteroscopy


Hello and good morning, this is Dr. Robert Kiltz, Dr. Rob, CNY Fertility in Syracuse, New York (also in Rochester and in Albany, NY).  Sharing some thoughts on fertility, called ‘infertility’ by some, a negative word, I think; it’s all fertility and you’re fertile.  This is our operating room where we utilize the technology of Eastern and Western medicine and bring them together and integrate with sound, colors, and light.  Also, with our ability to look within, a hysteroscopy is used to look in the uterine cavity with a tiny scope, some light sedation, or even a local anesthetic in the cervix.  Looking inside helps us identify small things like polyps or fibroids, or septums that can be easily taken out.  It’s important, I think, to have a hysteroscopy early in the process to eliminate these possibilities, and often just to look inside and find that all is normal—reassuring.  We often add an endometrial biopsy, a cleaning out of the uterus, which freshens up the uterine lining.  Some studies have suggested that this improves implantation and the chances of conceiving.  It looks daunting, it looks scary, but our intent with sounds, colors, and the people, our staff, our team, to help you and guide you to make this easy.
I like to start with the thoughts that it’s all easy.  It’s all part of the process.   Keep things easy in life by simply thinking them so.  Ask questions, they’re good.  Search out the internet, there’s a lot of great information out there; a lot of good information to give you more knowledge.  This is just some brief thought on hysteroscopy.  Talk to your fertility specialist, talk to your OB/GYN, and talk to us in any way we can help.  God bless.  Have a great day, Dr. Rob.
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