Video: Dr. Kiltz Discusses The New Donor Egg Program


Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa!
Lisa:  Hi Dr. Kiltz.  How are you?
Dr. Rob:  It’s a beautiful day, I’m excellent.
Lisa:  It’s a wonderful day.
Dr. Rob:  Change, isn’t that the nature of the universe and everything that comes each and every day?
Lisa:  It certainly is.
Dr.  Rob:  It’s a challenge.
Lisa:  It can be.
Dr. Rob:  I always know that change brings beauty and good things.  Be open to change, and always open to changing if necessary; it evolves that way anyway.  At CNY Fertility, we’ve just evolved into our new egg donor program.  Part of that is working to make it more affordable, more accessible to more people.  We recognize that five to seven mature eggs are all you need in order to get those beautiful embryos and give you a reasonable chance of delivering a baby.  Currently, we’re offering for $6,000 five to seven mature eggs.  We’re going to continue to mold it.  I know that there are a lot of questions out there:  How is it going to work?  What if I don’t get five to seven?  I know it’s going to work in amazing ways.  It’s going to evolve.  We have a great team that’s going to help answer questions. 
Lisa:  Completely.
Dr. Rob:  Every day, we’re just open to evolution, change, and working to make frozen eggs available.  Embryo freezing is when we’re able to fertilize eggs and bank those embryos for future use.  Often the recipient isn’t ready for those embryos, but we have eggs available.  We have a great team that’s listening to lots of your questions, comments, and I am listening to those.  We are open to making it better.
Lisa:  Well, thank you.  I think there’s so much promise in this new program.  I think sometimes we hesitate where we see ‘mature eggs’ or we see ‘guarantee’.  While they’re important to say on the outside, it may seem a little bit challenging or intimidating because there are so many options.  When you really look into it, there really is a cycle for everyone, for every family that’s going to be created there’s a great cycle.  We have a great team available.  Tammy has been working very hard on this; she’s one of our great donor coordinators or NP.  She’s always available to answer questions.  She takes emails and calls all the time.  I’ll have her contact information with this video as well.
Dr. Rob:  Again, I thank you Lisa for sharing all these words.  Thank you all for sharing your comments and concerns.  We’re here to evolve, grow, and make it better.
Lisa:  Thank you very much.
Dr. Rob:  God Bless, and enjoy the day!
Lisa:  I’ll see you next week. 
For more information about our NEW Donor Egg Program and costs that apply:
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator