Video: A Brief Discussion on Self-Care and Complimentary Treatments with Dr. Rob


Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa!
Lisa:  Hi, Dr. Kiltz, how are you?
Dr. Rob:  Spectacular!  Breathing—a good day!
Lisa:  Absolutely is.
Dr. Rob:  I always say under the weather and above the ground.  What are we talking about today?
Lisa:  Well, our clients have recently been asking about how they can support their fertility outside of the office walls.  We do a lot with wonderful treatments, procedures, and medications but what they do outside of the office is just as important for their fertility.
Dr. Rob:  Emotional support – number one.  We have to support ourselves in so many amazing ways.  Personally, I think that’s what’s important about daily reading of uplifting, spiritual, positive things.  We are herd animals; we really thrive when we connect with other people.  Yes, phones, emails, internet, and texting are all really great, but we must connect with people in positive ways.  Support group—rock on!
Lisa:  We have our wonderful support groups; we have our Fertile Friends program, our Success Stories program, Yoga for Fertility with peer support after.  This month in June we’ll be offering free Yoga for Fertility right before or after your Circle of Hope Support groups.  So, depending on your location, whether Yoga for Fertility is either before or after, you can try the session out for free.  You can work out with the girls, get some nice, positive relaxation, and then come on over to Circle of Hope Support group.
Dr. Rob:  Often, people are a little challenged by Oh, I can’t get in those yoga positions.  It’s simply practice, breathing, and connecting that really creates that energy.  As you practice those poses, they become easy.  So, really important—Yoga for Fertility and complimentary—boy, I really love that!
Lisa:  Well, thank you very much, Dr. Kiltz for all of your great insights today on how we can support our health and our fertility outside of these walls.  Anything we can do outside is just as important as what we do in here.
Dr. Rob:  Outside the walls are always inside the heart.  I think that is so important.  All of your words and inspiration are really critical every day; so, thank you, Lisa.  God Bless to all.  Enjoy the journey every day.
Lisa:  See you next week!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator