Unlimited Gratitude
Posted by: admin on Dec 07, 2016 in Success Stories

I was told when I was 14 that because of my PCOS and major hormone imbalance it would be very unlikely that I would be able to ever achieve pregnancy. For 4 1/2 years my husband and I tried and tried and tried. Every month would come with a rush of excitement when my period would be late (thanks PCOS) then a crashing sense of defeat when I would only be greeted with one lonely test line. Finally at the end of 2015 I had decided enough was enough, I was sick of OBGYNs refusing to help because I was young and still could try. It was always ‘try for 6 more months and then we will talk’ and I finally decided I needed to see a specialist. The day I went for my consultation was the day my life finally took a turn. I left the office feeling so full of hope and positivity, I was going to get pregnant. Just as Dr Corley promised I did get pregnant. Once we achieved our dream the wonderful staff held my hand every step of the way for the first twelve weeks. They took every panicked phone call reassuring me everything was okay, they listened to and validated every concern and question I could think up. Not only did CNY help me achieve my dream of being a mom they taught me to do something that in 25 years I had never learned to do, trust my body. 10 months later I sit here writing this watching my month old son sleep and just can never express the gratitude I have for Dr K and Dr Corley and the staff. Without you I would not be who I am today, a loving mother to a beautiful perfect baby boy. I really owe you my world.

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