Three bundles of joy for the price of one.
Posted by: Editor on Jul 17, 2013 in News, Success Stories

August 2013 Fertility Success Story

My husband and I had a baby in 2007 after a year of trying, we decided that we wanted more children and that we wanted them close in age. We began trying again soon after his birth, but two and half years later we had no luck. We heard about CNY fertility and the success that many of their patients have enjoyed. We made the hour drive to the office and started the process. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The Doctors have an amazing bed side manner and make a stressful journey as calm and peaceful as they possibly can. We had four embryo’s put back in, and much to our surprise, three stuck. We are now the proud parents of two and a half year old triplets. Since then, the three plumbers as we call them, must have fixed the pipes because we now have a one and a half year old and one on the way. For those of you that are keeping count, thats six children. We owe it all to CNY and Dr. Rob, without them we would not be blessed with the love and joy that we now experience. Thank you Dr Rob and all of the CNY staff for bringing such happiness to our lives. We will never forget your kindness and compassion during those very hard times.

~ Nicole


3 responses to “Three bundles of joy for the price of one.”

  1. Logahn says:

    Wow that is an amazing story. Congrats on the new one on the way. Wow!

  2. Natalie Freeman says:

    Wow big crongrats so thrilled for you guys!!! Enjoy your little bundles they are gods most precious gifts!

  3. Valerie C says:

    What a blessing ! My sisters keep teasing me that I am going to end up with triplets or more ! I am hoping for twins… Congrats !

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