The Use of HGH: Human Growth Hormone for Enhancing Egg Function

Dr. Rob Kiltz, owner, and director of CNY Fertility & Spa speaks with Lisa Stack, our Support Coordinator, about HGH and how it can be used for egg production, or to improve egg function, by helping the quality of the egg. For some clients with diminished ovarian reserve, several studies are beginning to show that HGH, Human Growth Hormone, may provide benefits in conjunction with stimulation and other fertility treatments. Watch Dr. Kiltz and Lisa in the video below to learn more.
Please feel free to ask us more about this if you feel you may benefit from trying HGH during your next cycle. If you’re a current CNY Fertility client in Syracuse, Albany, or Rochester, you can message us in the Patient Portal, ask us at your next appointment, or call us at 1.800.539.9870. If you are not yet a client of ours, please call us to set up an initial consultation or visit this link and fill out our New Appointment Form.