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Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

Fortunately, my OB/GYN didn’t waste any time referring me to Dr. Kiltz. Like so many, I, too, suffered a long road of infertility and disappointment; depressed from the idea of not getting pregnant; attempting optimism because maybe somehow we could afford to adopt.

After 5 years, various IUI’s, a failed IVF, a laparascopic surgery, and genetic testing, our 2nd IVF was successful, and we couldn’t be more in love with our beautiful daughter. The Kiltz family at CNY Fertility shared all our sadness and joy and truly we couldn’t have felt more like we were truly cared for.

In March of this year, I finally entered those doors in preparation for planning #2, as obviously it just wasn’t happening, we had used up any frozen embryos and suffered a failed IVF the previous year. I came to make a new game plan. I sat with Meg and just let it all out. I didn’t know what I wanted, I had not come up with a strategy, I just knew I couldn’t do IVF anymore, and dear Meg sat and talked with me through sobs and tears, listened to my hectic life story as I struggled to work on a Master’s degree (full-time in that semester), work full-time, and manage a family.

I guess I was thinking if I could plan for the summer, maybe, I’d get lucky. The plan: call with your period and we’ll do some tests (sound familiar). Well, oddly enough my period never came, Easter Sunday I learned via HPT I was pregnant. I called CNY Fertility the next day because they knew me … they were my family … it just didn’t feel right to call the OB/Gyn’s office, they would never understand. Immediately they took me in, confirmed my positive test, held me through 9 weeks and confidently sent me on my way.

I am now 35 weeks expecting baby #2 (boy or girl, we’ll see). CNY fertility is amazing!! The expertise and skill in procedure and technique is evident, but the time you spend managing our emotional sides and supporting us through our toughest times is what I’ll always remember. Thank you to ALL of you, from Mary Ann at the desk, to Meg, Dr. Kiltz, Lisa, and the whole crew, your emotional support and guidance was truly everything during those difficult times.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You all hold special places in our hearts!!!!

Renee & Dwayne

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