The Most Amazing Gift Ever!!!!!
Posted by: Editor on May 28, 2014 in News, Success Stories

After approx 9 years of trying from the old fashion way to iui and all sorts of meds we had given up. I would do treatments, get upset that it didn’t work and take a break and repeat. I have PCOS so things were difficult. I finally along the way decided I was done trying, we accepted our fate and I turned to exercise and health. I had lost over 100 lbs and then realized again something was missing still…… So we tried again, nothing;-( Dealing with both of my parents severe illnesses my husband and I were determined again that we wanted a child. We met with people and looked into foster to adopt, and went to adoption agencies also. The day came where the adoption agency we chose wanted to do a home study and get the process moving………… I had the check written for them, all the forms filled out and went to confirm with my husband one last time that he was sure this was what he wanted, his reply…………….. “Sure, whatever you want to do I want” hmmmmmmmm, not really what I was looking for since it wasn’t as if we were choosing a place for take out food, lol. He turned to me after I told him the amt of money that was non refundable if adoption didn’t go through and he replied, let’s do ivf then and if it doesn’t work then we are done and we will accept that we can’t have children and move on . It was right around our anniversary when we started the process, we bought a 2 pkg ivf or as I like to call it now the 2 for 1. Meg and Dr Kiltz were amazing through everything! So caring and compassionate. We ended up doing 1 cycle and had 2 beautiful eggs transferred. Twins!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a shock!!!!!! Happy anniversary. The best gift ever. It really can happen. I sometimes think that maybe I should have gone with invitro earlier but if I had I may not have had the same outcome of these 2 amazing little boys. Dr. Kiltz always talks about the universe and how things just are and relaxing. All of those things helped to think about. He helped me to be ok with whatever the outcome was going to be. We also did acupuncture all around that cycle which I think helped too. I just wanted to share this and thank the fertility center for helping us start our wonderful family! For us, life is just beginning and it’s truly Awesome!!!!!

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