The Fertile Secret Guidebook – Video Series #6: Fertile Movement


Dr. Rob:  Hi, this is Dr. Rob, a beautiful day.  This is Lisa Stack.
Lisa:  Good morning!  Thank you.
Dr. Rob:  Welcome today.  Sharing some thoughts on The Fertile Secret.  Today we’re going to touch on…
Lisa:  Fertile Movement!
Dr. Rob:  And motion.
Lisa:  Absolutely.
Dr. Rob:  You have to move in life.
Lisa:  Oh, completely.
Dr. Rob:  If you’re just sitting around and watching TV and lying in bed, nothing happens.
Lisa:  No, no.  Everything else is moving and flowing around us, so it doesn’t make sense for us to be stagnant.  There’s this whole world of energy around us!
Dr. Rob:  In the Fertile Movement chapter, we talk about yoga and how simple and easy and important it is to have a regular practice.
Lisa:  Yoga is wonderful because everyone can do it, absolutely everyone.  You could be running marathons or you can be just taking those first few steps of exercise.  Yoga just nourishes you from within.  It’s really wonderful.
Dr. Rob:  It is easy and there are easy movements if you take it slow.  I always say if the movement doesn’t feel right, get into the position that feels right and just be there.  When you’re there in the moment, this is the mindfulness of life and it really connects the mind and body and is really powerful.  It is easy, it simply takes practice.  Some thoughts on some people may feel like they’re not the right size, or they just don’t have the stretching capabilities, how do we help them there?
Lisa:  I think it’s important to realize that your most fertile weight and your most fertile body image, doesn’t look like anyone else’s.  All of our bodies are different.  Everyone that walks into our office, every client has a different body composition.  I think we all know an area where we feel we have the most energy, we feel the most rested, and we feel like our body is just moving easily, slowly and with good energy.  I think it’s important for us to try to get to that idea and that spot; not focus on whatever dress size or whatever number is on the scale, or whatever dress or pants we’re wearing, but where we feel our happiest and healthiest, and the rest will come.
Dr. Rob:  I always say the moment right now is the perfection in what you are.  That is so important in life to see yourself perfect right now as you’re participating in that yoga class.  I recommend a class with others because the energy flows.  When you get a chance to listen, to speak, to connect, to touch, it’s all part of the movement of life.  We’re all fertile and we’re always constantly in reproduction, and re-tooling and re-making ourselves.  That’s what this journey is all about.
Lisa:  I think it’s wonderful, I think it’s great to get into yoga and just even nice walking.  A beautiful walk every day is just a good way to get outdoors and raise yourself and your heart rate from the inside out.  I love how you talk about yoga as a way to energize and empower our cycles and just fertile in every aspect of life.  Every decision you make in regards to exercise, and your diet, your meditation, is supporting your fertility and the child that you want to conceive, and everything that you want to create in life.  I love the way you incorporate everything into this book, and show us how you can be fertile in every aspect of our lives.  I really appreciate it.
Dr. Rob:  Thank you Lisa for helping to share this story, and know that you’re fertile in the motion of life.  Keep moving.  Have an awesome and amazing day.
Lisa:  We will see you next week!
Dr. Rob:  God Bless.

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator