The Embryo Donation Process

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Our Embryo Donation Program offers a wonderful opportunity for our clients with embryos remaining from their cycles.  This program allows you to donate your embryos to another client, who is unable to conceive with their own gametes.  Working closely with our donor team, you have the opportunity to help another family achieve their dreams.
The process of donation is quite simple.  From the moment you begin, you will have access to member of our team at all times.  They will explain each step clearly and patiently, so that you feel completely comfortable.  To begin, we suggest you contact our Donor Coordinators and ask any initial questions you may have.  Once we hear from you, we will send out a packet of information along with consent forms, and a questionnaire.  The questionnaire will give the prospective embryo recipients an idea of your medical history, and social background.  While the process is completely anonymous, the more detailed information you can give, the better.
Once the embryos have been selected and adopted, we will bring you into the office to complete the required FDA testing.  This tests for infectious diseases, and a few other criteria that need to be fulfilled to satisfy FDA requirements.  The testing takes approximately 10 days to return, and once complete the recipient family will begin the process for a frozen embryo transfer.
The beauty of embryo donation is that it offers the donating family a sense of closure and satisfaction, while also creating opportunities for a recipient family in need.  If you feel that the Donor Embryo Program is something that would compliment your experience at CNY Fertility Center, please don’t hesitate to contact our donor team.  They are ready to guide you through this unique and loving process.
For more information regarding the Embryo Donation Program, please contact our Donor Coordinators:
You may contact the Donor Team by calling 800.539.9870 (toll free)
Or via email:
Pati Breh: Pbreh@cnyfertility.com
Stephanie Rogers: Srogers@cnyfertility.com
Kari Gardner: Kgardner@cnyferility.com

We look forward to hearing from you. Our donation team would be happy to further explain the cycles available to you.  Please visit our website for more information: http://www.cnyfertility.com/donor-gametes/donor-profiles/embryo-donor-profiles/

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