The Egg Donation Process


At CNY Fertility Center, our egg donors are incredibly important to us.  They are the driving force behind our PRIDE (PRegnancy Initiated with Donated Eggs) cycles, and help create families for many patients in need.  We try to make the donation process as clear and simple as possible.  From the moment a potential donor contacts our office, she has our full support and attention.
If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, you can expect to follow a general protocol that is used for a typical donor cycle.  You would begin by contacting a member of our donor team, to receive a username and password for our online donor application.  The application is completed electronically, and will cover many different topics.  The questions vary from your recent medical history, extended family medical history, and educational background, to your reasons for wanting to donate.  This questionnaire will help us assess your eligibility for the program, and it will also provide potential recipients with a good image of who you are.  Potential recipients will view your profile during the selection process.  However, your name and any identifying information will remain private.  Once your profile is complete and submitted, you will be contacted by one of our Donor Coordinators for a phone consult.  During the phone consult, the Donor Coordinator will ask any remaining questions they have, and explain the donation process a bit further.  This is a great time to ask questions!
Upon completing the phone consult and approval for the program, your profile will be added to our donor list.  Potential recipients will view your profile, and if you are selected our Donor Coordinator will contact you once again.  This time, we will make sure it is a good time for you to cycle, and that you are still interested in donating.  If so, we will bring you into our office to complete the donor examination.  This is a general health and wellness examination.  One of our nurses will complete a physical, and also draw some of the necessary blood work required by the FDA.  This blood work tests for infectious diseases that may impact your ability to donate.
As you successfully complete your physical and your recipient is ready, we begin the cycle!  During your cycle you will be on injectable medications for a few weeks.  You will also have frequent appointments in our office, so we can closely monitor your progress.  During these appointments we will do a vaginal ultrasound and blood work, to monitor the growth of your follicles (eggs).  Once the follicles have reached the appropriate size, we will schedule the egg retrieval.  During the egg retrieval, you will be under light IV sedation, and the whole procedure takes approximately10-15 minutes.  Once we remove the eggs, the donation is complete and you will receive your compensation.  The entire process from the moment you are selected by a recipient to the egg donation takes approximately 6-8 weeks.  Although each cycle is different, the process typically moves along swiftly and easily!
If you are interested in becoming an egg donor and helping another woman become a mother, please contact one of our donor coordinators.
You may contact the Donor Team by calling 800.539.9870 (toll free)
Or via email:
Pati Breh:
Stephanie Rogers:
Kari Gardner:

We look forward to hearing from you, and creating the family you have always wanted.
Our donation team would be happy to further explain the cycles available to you.  Please visit our website for more information: