Thank You for our Miracle Babies!!
Posted by: Editor on Sep 02, 2011 in News, Success Stories

I just want to thank Dr.Rob & his CNY Fertility staff at both Latham & Syracuse locations. My husband & I were in a 5 year journey trying to concieve when a friend recommended I go to Syracuse to work with the best, Dr.Rob. This time last year we began working with him. November 2010 we did pur 3rd IVF cycle, this time with Dr.Rob.He was amazing he was willing to try a different approach, his energy was very positive which had a huge calming affect on me. On December 6th we found out our cycle had been a sucess!! A week later on my Birthday we learned it was twins!! We were so excited!! On July 27th I gave birth to my son & daughter. Giovanni Guiseppi weighed 6lbs 15oz & our Mia Grace weighed 5lbs 13oz. Our lives have never been so full with such joy & love. So again thank you all for helping us to believe that it was possible for us too, we forever will be grateful!!


4 responses to “Thank You for our Miracle Babies!!”

  1. nicola says:

    Its always amazing to hear great stories like yours. I am happy for you and your double bundle of joy. May joy and happiness fill your days.

    I am about to have my 4th IVF (1st with this center) but i know with an abundance of hope and new interventions joy will come, because of people like you I never give up.

    keep the kids sweet growing.

    Nicky NYC

  2. Tara says:

    Nicky hope all is going well, keep the faith & just try & be kind to yourself thru your process. I found for me it was a journey not an event.Hang in there. Sending baby dust your way : )

  3. nicola says:

    Thnx Tara for your kind words. I hope the new year bring nothing but luck for all or most of us who try to conceive.

    I just adopted a little girl sweet and sassy, so i am now at ease and beleive my journey will be less stressful nest time around. I will cycle around late winter early spring.

    Let’ss keep in touch this way, I will keep you informed. Kiss the munchkins, adorable.

  4. Tara says:

    Congrats on your adoption, yay for motherhood!! Enjoy it’s been the most amazing time of my life. May the joy of motherhood fill your soul & bring only the peace of being a Mommy can to your heart. Be Blesssed!!

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