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Posted by: admin on Jan 18, 2016 in Success Stories

After easily conceiving our first daughter at the age of 37, the decision to have a second child did not seem far-fetched. We had no difficulty getting pregnant, but were heartbroken after I suffered three consecutive miscarriages. Test after test showed no physical explanation as to why this kept happening. At that point we were referred to CNY Fertility.

My initial consultation with Dr. Grossman gave us hope. He listened to my history and immediately developed several plans to assist us in completing our family. More tests were ordered, but again, they provided no explanation as to why maintaining a pregnancy was so difficult. The first round of fertility treatments resulted in a chemical pregnancy but both the staff and Dr. Grossman assured us not to lose hope. The second round was showing two large follicles and then a positive pregnancy test. My hormone levels increased appropriately and we were beyond excited to see the first ultrasound image. Always cautious throughout the pregnancy that something could go wrong again, the CNY staff was always positive. It was bittersweet when I was released at week 9 to my own OB/GYN.

On January 6, 2016, our beautiful little girl was delivered via C-section. Rhowyn Anslee is perfect and joins her big sister in completing our family. Thank you to CNY for their professionalism, support, and encouragement. At 42 years old I was almost ready to give up hope. We are forever grateful for your assistance in making our dream of a larger family come true!!

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