Fertile Friendships & Success Stories


Donor Egg Cycle - CNY Fertility CenterDo you ever wish you could just speak with someone who has “been there”?  We have a fantastic community of clients who are currently undergoing treatments, and many, many more who have successfully conceived.  We would be happy to connect you to other clients who are pursuing a similar cycle, or who have conceived facing similar challenges.
Sharing your story with someone who understands where you are coming from can be very cathartic and reassuring.  It is very relieving to hear that someone has been where you are, and was able to successfully conceive.  Similarly, being able to share your journey with another client who is currently cycling can relieve the feeling of isolation that can come with infertility.
If you would like to connect with a Fertile Friend please contact:
For our Albany Clients – Stacey Dicerbo in your Patient Portal or via email
For our Syracuse, Rochester, or Traveling Clients – Lisa Stack in your Patient Portal or via email
If you would like to connect with one of our Success Stories, please contact Lisa Stack in your Patient Portal or via email
For in person support, we have our monthly Circle of Hope Support Group and Fertile Friend sessions.  Please be sure to check our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars for our upcoming events.
Finally, did you know that we started  new Private Facebook Fertility and Pregnancy Groups for current clients?  Here, you can find a safe and secure space to share with other women and men facing similar challenges.  You can get immediate support and feedback!  If you are interested in joining, please message Lisa Stack within the Patient Portal
If you are interested in a more private one-on-one support situation, Lisa Stack is our CNY Fertility Center Support Coordiator, she offers her services as a lay support person and can be contacted by email at if you are not yet a client or via the Patient Portal if you are a current client.
Request Consultation or Appointment
If you are a new patient and would like an initial fertility consultation, in-office or over the phone, please visit this link and fill out our New Appointment Form or call us toll free at 800-539-9870.


Video: Free Yoga for Fertility in July with Circle of Hope


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  We’re really excited to be recently offering a free Yoga for Fertility session either before or after your Circle of Hope support group.  This will be coming up in July as well, so this a great opportunity for you to try Yoga for Fertility for free on the night of your support group, and then go along and get some great support afterwards or before, depending on when your session is (Albany, Syracuse, or Rochester). 
Yoga for Fertility is a great way to relax the mind, body, and spirit.  It connects yourself to your fertility a little bit more and in a nice, assessable way where you feel you have a bit more control over your body and what’s happening.  I always love seeing the women come into our Syracuse Circle of Hope support group, which we hold after Yoga for Fertility because they just seem a little bit more relaxed, a little bit more calm, and a little bit more willing to open up.   
Yoga for Fertility also offers wonderful peer-based support afterwards.  Our Fertile Friends group will meet at each location in conjunction with Yoga for Fertility.  This is almost like a support group that gets together every single week.  This is just a wonderful opportunity if you feel like you’d like just another group of women who are in the same boat as you are that you can meet with face-to-face, there’s a lot of laughs, a lot of tears.  I know sometimes our Syracuse group of girls shuts down the CNY Healing Arts Center because they just spend the night sharing, supporting, and loving each other.  So, if you’re interested in Yoga for Fertility but you haven’t really tried it out yet, go ahead and take a look at one of our sessions, and hop on over to our Circle of Hope support group where you’ll find wonderful support and encouragement from those around you. 
Have a great month!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator


Video: A Brief Discussion on Self-Care and Complimentary Treatments with Dr. Rob


Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa!
Lisa:  Hi, Dr. Kiltz, how are you?
Dr. Rob:  Spectacular!  Breathing—a good day!
Lisa:  Absolutely is.
Dr. Rob:  I always say under the weather and above the ground.  What are we talking about today?
Lisa:  Well, our clients have recently been asking about how they can support their fertility outside of the office walls.  We do a lot with wonderful treatments, procedures, and medications but what they do outside of the office is just as important for their fertility.
Dr. Rob:  Emotional support – number one.  We have to support ourselves in so many amazing ways.  Personally, I think that’s what’s important about daily reading of uplifting, spiritual, positive things.  We are herd animals; we really thrive when we connect with other people.  Yes, phones, emails, internet, and texting are all really great, but we must connect with people in positive ways.  Support group—rock on!
Lisa:  We have our wonderful support groups; we have our Fertile Friends program, our Success Stories program, Yoga for Fertility with peer support after.  This month in June we’ll be offering free Yoga for Fertility right before or after your Circle of Hope Support groups.  So, depending on your location, whether Yoga for Fertility is either before or after, you can try the session out for free.  You can work out with the girls, get some nice, positive relaxation, and then come on over to Circle of Hope Support group.
Dr. Rob:  Often, people are a little challenged by Oh, I can’t get in those yoga positions.  It’s simply practice, breathing, and connecting that really creates that energy.  As you practice those poses, they become easy.  So, really important—Yoga for Fertility and complimentary—boy, I really love that!
Lisa:  Well, thank you very much, Dr. Kiltz for all of your great insights today on how we can support our health and our fertility outside of these walls.  Anything we can do outside is just as important as what we do in here.
Dr. Rob:  Outside the walls are always inside the heart.  I think that is so important.  All of your words and inspiration are really critical every day; so, thank you, Lisa.  God Bless to all.  Enjoy the journey every day.
Lisa:  See you next week!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator


Fertile Friends Peer Support after Yoga for Fertility


We are proud to announce that we are able to offer our Fertile Friends Peer Support Session after our Yoga for Fertility sessions at all three locations!  The Fertile Friends Peer Support Session is a nice time for you to connect with other clients facing the challenges of infertility, in a relaxed and supportive environment.  While trying to conceive, it is important to utilize opportunities for sharing and connecting.  One recent study has even shown that women who share in a support group environment are more likely to conceive, than those who do not.
We hope you join us at these great sessions!  To find the next meeting available to you, please be sure to check our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Calendars.


Support and Companionship on your Journey to Fertility


We know why you’re here. You need support in dealing with this huge challenge that never used to exist, not until you started trying to have a baby. When you and your partner cannot conceive, it may seem like the end of the world. That is why we are here. We at CNY Fertility Center want to help you cope with your worries and stresses in healthy ways in order to give you the greatest possible chance at reaching your goals.
So, please, check out our list of support resources below to find the option that suits you best. It may be one-on-one counseling, a group workshop, a new beauty regimen, a yoga for fertility class, or a book that warms the heart.
•   Fertile Friendships One-On-One Program
Fertile Friends pairs patients together based on their infertility experiences. We offer an eight-week program for individuals who have been inducted into Fertile Friends. The goal of the program is to provide each participant with a nurturing, helpful bond with another person who is going through the same struggle to conceive. For more information, click here.
•    Circle of Hope Support Group
This once-a-month support meeting is great idea for anyone who is looking to share their own infertility story, seek support or learn healthier ways of coping with the stresses of infertility. The group often plans special activities for the monthly meeting, such as creating their own “vision boards” or hosting a guest speaker who has their own journey to share. Visit our calendar for information on meetings at each location.
Not able to make it to the in-office meeting? Tune in each month as we stream our Interactive Fertility Webinar session live on the web. Ask questions and get real, live answers! Upcoming dates on our calendar here.
•   Private One-On-One Support with Lisa Stack
Lisa Stack is a staff member at CNY Fertility who has been through the journey of fertility treatment herself. She offers her support and can be contacted by e-mail,, or phone, (315) 744-8073.
•    Support Counseling
Counseling, whether it be in a group format or on a one-to-one basis, may help you with the issues that surround infertility. If you would like more information click here.
•   Love & Infertility TeleWorkshops
Hosted by Kristin Magnacca, author of “Love & Infertility”, and sponsored by Dr. Rob Kiltz on the third Monday of each month. Email for information on the next tele-workshop offered.
•   Yoga for Fertility
The CNY Healing Arts Centers offer fertility support in the form of yoga. Try our Yoga for Fertility Class or Restorative Yoga Workshop and learn the benefits firsthand of practicing conscious body/mind relaxation. Click here to view our yoga class schedule for each location.
•    Guided Meditation
Our healing and transformative meditation classes and workshops present you with an opportunity to break barriers in body and mind, as well as practice a wide variety of meditative and breathing techniques. We also offer a monthly meditation webinar you can enjoy from your own home. Visit our online calendar for details.
•    Acupunctureclick here to learn more.
•    MAYA Abdominal Massageclick here to learn more.
•   Online Resources
CNY Fertility offers a wide variety of online support sources including numerous blogs, newsletters that encourage patient empowerment through fertility education, a discussion forum of practitioners to answer questions and Fertile Friends to offer encouragement and support, and a “Support” page that informs readers of sources for fertility enhancement that can be found in surrounding areas.
In addition, CNY Fertility maintains an online store that offers books for fertility reference, as well as for nurturing the fertile spirit, health and beauty products, supplements, herbs and tonics. You can also shop online for guided meditation CDs to help improve fertility. Many of the products shown online can also be found in store at our different fertility centers.
Remember, many of these support sources can include your partner, a family member or friend!
Support page
CNY Fertility TV page
CNY Fertility Center event calendar
CNY Healing Arts event calendar
Online store
CNY Fertility Facebook Page


Be your own Fertile Friend by Meg Sullivan,MA,LMSW


You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need…” Rolling Stones

fertile friends

While enduring the months or years of infertility treatments and issues, many couples have found that having friends – even acquaintances – that have gone through this process before is an invaluable source of information and support. While many of us may not view ourselves as leaders, consider it defined as the ability to be yourself in all situations – easy, hard, stressful, or challenging. We all have something to give and to be in any situation. At one of our Circle of Hope support group meetings, which meets at CNY Fertility Center on a monthly basis in each location (Syracuse, Albany and Rochester), we discussed what it would be like to be a “Fertile Friend” reaching out to a newcomer. Each participant responded to the question: “If a newcomer was assigned to you as a Fertile Friend, what one thing would you like them to know?”

Keep An Open Mind

Try not to set limits, such as, “I know I will only do this x amount of times.” Until you get there, you really don’t know how you will feel or what you will do. Take it step by step; you’ll know what your limits are as you encounter them. Read more